How Much Weight Would You Lose If You Don’t Eat For 31 Days?

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How much weight would you lose if you don’t eat for 31 days? Providing you don’t say, die, the possibility is about 30–60 pounds. The human body tends to lose about 1–2 lbs a day without food. It would be seriously harmful to your body to stop eating food.

How Much Weight Would You Lose If You Don’t Eat For 31 Days?

Losing weight is easy if you are willing to make certain changes in your daily life. I have shared multiple programs on this blog, which you can use to reduce your body weight faster.

However, if you have fasted for 30 days like you do in Ramadan Roza, where you stay in a fasted state for 30 days, however, in that you eat twice in 24 hours. You do not even drink while doing it. Which could make you lose weight.

However, on the usual days if you are not eating or on extreme dieting then you might be doing the harm to your body than losing weight. You would lose some weight by doing extreme dieting or not eating for 31 days, but it won’t be permanent.

Extreme Weight Loss Side Effects

  • Irritated mood: You won’t feel good when you are hungry.
  • Hormonal Changes: When there is no food in your stomach your hormones will be imbalanced.
  • Temporary Weight Loss: The weight you lose by starving yourself won’t last long and you will regain the lost weight faster than you lost it.
  • Could Be dangerous in the Long term.

I’m not even going to tell you how much weight I lost because I don’t want you to believe that starving yourself is a good idea but it was a lot.

Losing 1-2 pounds every week is an ideal and great way to lose weight and keep it off.

Not eating for the whole 31 days can be dangerous, However, if you cut down a few things can give you amazing results.

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