10 Worst Mistakes That Are Stopping Your Weight Loss

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Losing weight is not that difficult how much we feel it is. And there are many things you are doing that are stopping your weight loss or not letting you lose it for a long time. It is a complete guide for weight loss. We will be talking about “10 Worst Things That Are Stopping Your Weight Loss”.

It is a basic to advance guide to let you know the mistakes you might be doing which are killing your gains and stopping you from losing extra pounds permanently.

Anyone can lose body Fat and look their best self if you follow the right advice you will reach your goal sooner. And these are things I have personally gone through and fixing them changed my life.

Let’s dive in.

10 Worst Mistakes That Are Stopping Your Weight Loss

We oftentimes are not happy with how we look. We gain weight for multiple reasons. Which could be anything. However, our main motive here is to get in our best body which by the way not that difficult if you are true to your goal.

Losing weight is simple, but not that simple. I believe you may have tried multiple ways already, which may have worked for some time, and then nada. No results at all.

I can understand this situation, I have been through with this and that for a long time. I didn’t have any idea what I was doing wrong. Despite all the efforts  I had put in I failed multiple times.

Then I decided to learn the science behind it and what steps are required to reach your goal.

First, let’s talk about the common mistakes most of us do in order to achieve the desired body.

  1. We cut down a lot of calories at once (Extreme Calorie Deficit).
  2. We don’t calculate the food we are taking.
  3. Having tasteless meals.
  4. Not sticking to the healthy lifestyle and losing control every now and then.
  5. We try to do the extreme weight loss.
  6. Starve yourself.
  7. Not taking enough protein and proper macros.
  8. Doing less or no physical activity.
  9. Not  drinking enough water.
  10. Not getting quality sleep.

These are not all, there are a lot of other mistakes that we do unknowingly as well.

However, these are the common mistakes that are stopping you to get desired results. Let me tell you why and how we can change it. First, we need to know how it works.

1. We cut down a lot of calories at once.

You are in a calorie deficit but not losing weight, correct?. It is because you are in an extreme calorie deficit and cut down a lot of calories at once.

It is not a healthy way of losing weight, extreme weight loss makes you physically and mentally weak, it is the weight you lose by starving yourself, as you are consuming very fewer calories than you were taking before.

And it is not recommended because our body is tough and you can put it through anything, our body adapts whatever you put it through, so when you cut down a lot of calories, your body gets used to it. So after reaching a certain point it will stop giving results. and you will stop losing any more fat or weight.

Your weight will be stuck in one place, where you would either need to cut down more calories or add more physical activity to your routine. Which often becomes tremendously difficult.

Cutting down a lot of calories makes you weak because you are not getting enough nutrients. Which will make you feel low, angry, and irritated all the time.

You won’t feel good and it will stop you from maintaining this lifestyle and you will end up having the food that used to have. What is the point of doing it if you are not happy at all?

And due to being on an extreme diet, your body will require a lot of calories again and you will end up getting the fat you’ve lost back within few months.

Our goal isn’t just to look good but to feel strong, fit and healthy. So that we can maintain this lifestyle which does not require much effort.

2. We Don’t Calculate The Food We Are Taking.

As we discussed in point 1, cutting down calories is good but if it is the correct quantity. So we often avoid calculating the food we eat, so we usually do not get the correct idea of how many calories we have consuming and how much our body actually needs.

So to avoid that we should calculate the calories we eat. I know it is time-consuming to calculate calories on every meal we take, so for that, you can do one thing, which you should do anyway.

Make a preferred diet plan or send your details and we will build one for you as per your goal.

Do the meal prep, or at least decide the meals that you will be taking for next week, and you should follow the same routine for at least 6 weeks and then change it.

So let’s suppose you have made a diet plan and you know what to eat on daily basis. Simply calculate it on day one. And you will get a rough idea about it.

So when you next time eat the same food, you would know what you are feeding your body and how many calories it contains.

For basic ideas:

1 gram of protein has 4 calories.

1 gram of carbohydrate has 4 calories.

1 gram of fat has 9 calories.

You can use our tool to calculate the macros you need on daily basis as per your fitness goal.

3. Having Tasteless or Boring Meals.

It is actually not the biggest mistake we do in order to get to the fitness goals. However, important in order to achieve the results. You are used to having delicious meals, so having tasteless healthy meals will bore you. And you won’t feel like eating them in long run.

So it is not necessary to have tasteless food to lose weight. In fact, you should make your meals delicious so that you can sustain yourself in the long run.

See, it is not like you would need to have those meals 3-4 times only, think it like you would need to consume the similar meal at least for 3 months or so. So would you be able to maintain that diet and ask yourself if you would eat that willingly in long run?

If the answer is no then you can always have healthy as well as delicious recipes.  And it’s not that difficult at all.

You just need to watch few things:

  • It should be within the calorie limit for the full day of eating.
  • There shouldn’t be sugar, artificial flavors, or preservatives in it.
  • It should be easy to digest.
  • Should contain some amount of protein in the meal.

You may feel I am being strict on this. Well, I can make it easy for you.

  • Instead of sugar, you can use fruits, Stevia or Sugar-free.
  • Instead of normal cooking oil, use olive oil, cooking spray, or use baking.
  • Avoid refined flour, packaged food, crackers, or mid-night snacks.

4. We Lose Control Every Now and Then

You know why you lose control, it is because of the boring meals and difficult daily routine. I know it can be hard to stick to a healthy diet when it is tasteless. So refer the point 3 on this. And you will easily be able to follow it in the long run.

5. We Try To Do The Extreme Weight Loss.

As stated in point 1, extreme weight loss is not healthy, and never a wise choice. If you are obese and a beginner in order to go to the gym and lose weight, then you will see drastic results as they are newbie results. So at that point, it will be okay.

However, in usual avoid trying to lose weight very fast because you may lose the weight now but it will definitely come back sooner or later.

In order to lose weight or fat in a healthy way, do a calorie deficit of 300-500 calories only. Don’t forget to change your diet and workout plan every 8 weeks. And do measure your body and weight every 1 week to track your results.

To see the visible results you should take photos before you start working out and following a diet plan and take them every week at the same angles. Front, back, and sides.

Cutting down fewer calories will put you in a calories deficit. And when your body adapts to this and stops showing results, you can cut down few more calories and you will continue seeing results without feeling hungry all the time and without getting irritated.

Like I need 2500 calories in a day to maintain my weight.

So I will start taking 2000-2100 calories every day for 8 weeks. Then  I will cut down 200 more calories. And will start taking 1900-2000 calories.

After another 6 weeks, I will increase my cardio for 10 more minutes. And keep it going for another 6 weeks then I will cut down a few more calories 100 for instance.

Never go below 1600  calories a day, it will be unhealthy for you.  Instead, increase your physical activity.

6. Starving Yourself.

The goal isn’t to starve ourselves, instead eat proper meals and in little deficit. You will see wonders in your body. Science says a 10% calories deficit is great in order to lose weight in long term and staying healthy along the way.

7. Not Taking Enough Protein and Proper Macros.

When you are trying to lose weight you may know how much protein you need in a day. However, for brief, you may know that you need an equal amount of protein as your body weight.

Like your weight is 80kg or 176lbs, you need 80Grams of protein every day. Or multiply your weight from 1 if you are calculating in-lbs.

i.e 176X0.5=80-88Gram

and if it is in KG then 80X1=80grams

Protein helps build muscles, and having more muscle mass will increase the fat loss process and you will burn fat fast. When you work out your muscle’s tissues break and consuming protein and other nutrients your muscles heal. This way your muscle size grows and lose fat in the process.

8. Doing less or no physical activity.

One or more physical activities should be in your daily routine, that would really great and help you get the results fast. Be it gym, running, jogging, any sport, walking, yoga, etc.

Your body is familiar with your daily routine so additional physical activity should be included in your lifestyle if you do not do heavy labor or physical job.

9. Not Drinking Enough Water.

More than 70% of your body is water, so you must know how important it is to stay hydrated all the time. It won’t even make you look good, it will keep you feeling good as well. You won’t catch diseases easily. However, as our main topic is weight loss, so keep in mind you need to drink 4-8 liters of water every day.

Most of us fail to drink this much, and it causes a lot of problems in our bodies. When you consume a lot of nutrients, they need to go to the bloodstream so that they can do their work. However, when you are not drinking enough water, blood flow will be slowers and nutrients won’t reach your muscles completely to provide their best effect.

The easiest way to know is if your urination is pale or dark yellow, it is because you are not drinking enough water. increase your intake now.

10. Not Getting Quality Sleep.

It may be on number 10, but it is as important as number one. Sleeping is the only time when your body actually heals and grows. Taking enough rest is important in order to lose weight and build muscles.

Whatever you do in the day and whatever you eat, the most results come when you sleep. Our body repairs when we sleep. Oftentimes people sleep 4-5 hours, which they think is enough. It could be because of multiple reasons. However, one should have a sound sleep of 7-9 hours. In order to attain the best results and for better wellbeing.

Sleeping less will do more harm than good in the long run. You will feel tired all the time, you won’t be productive. You won’t feel like doing anything and will lose interest in everything.

Final words

See, we do a lot of things to lose weight, and we do a lot of mistakes in the journey. So it’s better to learn from others’ mistakes and avoid them to get better and faster results. These which I have listed above are the most common mistakes people do, however, if you feel there are more you can add on to it, you can share that in the comment section, it will help others.


How many calories deficit is good?

A 10% of your maintenance calories are good calories deficit to lose weight in long run and staying healthy along the way. Or 200-300 calories deficit is great.

How many hours of sleep is essential?

7-9 hours of sound sleep is great for your overall well-being. Sleeping 4-5 hours can have adverse effects in the long term.

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