Products That Helped Me Lose 10 kg  in 2 Months


If I can do it you can too.

pintola peanut butter

Healthy fats are important for body functions. Whenever I feel hungry, A slice of brown bread and 1 spoon peanut butter is enough to stop my cravings.

whey protein

Whey protein helps complete your daily requirement and it is fast digesting so great for weight loss and muscle building.

Rolled Oats

Oats are high in fiber, protein and complex carbs. Great for weight loss if consumed mindfully, otherwise it would increase your weight.


It's an Indian herb, and words are not enough to describe it's benefits. It lowers stress and help you lose weight.

Green Tea

Rich in antioxidants and other minerals. great for weight loss and metabolism. Buy best green by below given link 

dark chocolate

Sugar is your worst enemy. Cutting down completely is not easy. Instead use stevia and lower the amount day by day, This way it is sustainable. 

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