6 Reasons why you are not losing weight.

Not Getting enough sleep


Sleeping is essential for your weight loss goal, as maximum recovery is done while you're asleep. When you have slept enough, you eat in moderation and get better results in weight loss. Not getting enough sleep has adverse effect.

Eating right before bed


Midnight cravings are sometimes unstoppable, however, it can disturb your metabolism. Whatever you eat has a time frame to digest that particular food. However, at night your body gets in recovery mode and digestion gets slower. Which creates issues in your weight loss.

Skipping breakfast


Worst mistake you can do is to skip your breakfast, especially when your goal is to lose weight. When you woke up, your body needs nutrition, as you haven't eaten in last 8-10 hours. Which slows your metabolism. Which stops your weight loss. Eating properly in breakfast can do wonders. Try it.

Not exercising enough


Not exercising or low physical movement is the root cause of excess body weight. When you burn more calories than you eat, your weight starts to go down automatically. However, lack of physical activity does opposite. Add an additional activity to your regime. See the wonders yourself.

under eating 


You're not eating enough. Don't starve yourself. You seems more concerned about your calories that you starts to starve your body. Extreme weight loss is unhealthy, instead eat nutritious meals. Calculate your macros and cut down 200 calories, that is it. never go below 1600 calories a day, because

Stressing yourself out


Every stress increases your stress hormone cortisol. Which impact your overall physical and mental wellness. Instead add ginseng or ashwagandha in your diet as a supplement. It will lower your cortisol. Lowering your stress can kick start your weight loss. Do meditation. and learn more below.