11 Things I Did To Lose 20kg in 3 Months

By Sachin Jain

Weight loss is easy if you are consistant enough

Weight Loss

Reduced Suggar

Sugar is empty calorie, and it directly gets stored as fat. I reduced my sugar intake and then cut down completely.

Started High protein Diet

My goal was to build some muscles in and lose fat. So I increased my protein intake and added protein in every meal.

Started Weight Training

Physical activity is important and going to gym was the best decision of my life. I'm now so addicted to it that I can't take a day off.

Added Cardio 

I burn at least 200 calories everyday on a treadmill after my workout. I walk on inclined at the speed of 6km for 20 minutes. 

Salad is Essential

Weight is lose is kitchen, if you are providing your body a proper nutrition you are definitely going to lose weight

Calorie Deficit

My maintenance calories were 2300 when I started my journey. I started takin 2000 in a day and calculate everything I eat.

WATEr water water

Drinking enough water is so effective that nothing can touch this. We lose weight when we drink at least 10-12 glass of water every day.

Never skipped breakfast

After starving whole night, I used to feel tired in the day and snacked a lot. Then I started taking high protein breakfast. It gave me instant results in my weight loss. 

Started taking small meals

I eat 6 times a day, but I eat in small plates and in small portions. This way I do not feel hungry and stay in calorie deficit.

Avoided Refined carbs

Fried foods, sweets, maida and package snacks. I limited these things. I eat them once a week just to remind the taste. In small portion and replace it with my meal.

My made meals delicous

Dieting is not easy if your food is tasteless or boring. So making it interesting is important to sustain the diet. I use spices a lot, that doesn't make you fat. But makes your meals tasty.

Indian Foods That Helped Me Lose 10 kg in 2 Months

These are the foods that I included in my regular diet that helped me lose weight fast.  For more in depth articles visit www.shredinpound.com