Best diet doesn't feel like dieting

How to make your own diet plan for weight loss

calculate macros

It all depends on your daily calorie intake. How much you eat in a day will determine, if you will gain or lose weight.

Devide meals in small parts

You should have 4-6 meals in a day with small quantity of food. This way you keep yourself full and avoid overeating.

portionate your meals

A good meal should contain, protein, carbs, healthy fats and fiber in it. So make sure to add all of these in each meal.

Highp protein meals

High protein diet is the key for weight loss. You should have 50% of the calories from protein only. 2gXper kg body weight. i.e if your weight is 150 pounds then you should eat 300 pounds protein everyday.

Salad Before meal

If you don't need to keep a physical copy of something, don't! Virtual space is limitless. It's worth the upfront cost of converting from physical to digital. You'll be surprised how much these little things build up.


Eating in small plates will let you have less food because you won't fill up your plate multiple times. It will eventually saves you some calories.

Don't die on cravings

You can have your favorites meals every now and then but in small quantities. Make a diet plan that you can enjoy. Make your meals delicious.

Limit sugar and refined car 

Sugar and refined cards are empty calories. So limit them a little, otherwise everything else is okay, and always keep fiber intake high.

HOW TO Make your own diet plan


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