weight loss diet

best diet that doesn't feel like dieting


Easy to follow

Best diet is easy to follow, which takes a lot of efforts and too much money is not a sustainable diet. I will show you the best diet one can have without feeling of dieting.

protein rich foods

You don't have to eat raw or boiled food. instead try to add protein in every meal in small portion. Try to add protein in every meal.  Like paneer, soya, fish, chicken, eggs.

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eat verity

Eat whatever is prepared in your home, just try to keep the oil in control and have salad before your lunch and dinner. 

No special food needed

You don't need to prepare anything special to lose weight, simply have little less then you were eating before. Cutting down in very small quantity will help you.

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do not quit certain foods

Quitting foods from your diet will only make you crave for them more, instead have them but in less quantity and less frequently. It won't affect much.

make your food delicious

Using spices and other ingredients to make your dishes delicious is a part of process, as in long term you can't sustain a tasteless meal plan